About the Company

    About Perisson

    The name “perisson” comes from the Greek word for “abundance” and “overflow”.  Established in December 2016, our associates have over forty years of collective real estate experience.  We are all full-time professionals, who seek to provide to our colleagues, clients and community.


    Our Vision

    Our mission is to work together to build a company where each and every associate experiences abundance personally & professionally, and is empowered & equipped to put clients first.


    Our Core Values

    Clients First

    We put clients’ interests above our own.  Whatever the situation, asking “What’s best for the client?” is a reliable way of arriving at the correct decision, even if at odds with what’s best for the Realtor.


    Our default setting is to offer help. We don’t let our egos get in the way of doing our best to serve others with a sense of humility.  We believe that when each Associate feels supported and valued, they will have the capacity to truly put clients first.


    We strive to provide home buyers and sellers with as much information as possible about the inventory, specific properties, and the transaction process.  We foster an environment of transparency in the office, where we work together to build a strong company. We are open about what we do and why we do it.


    We do what we say we will do. This begins within our company in the support we provide to our associates and then flows to our clients.  Associates and clients have high standards for trustworthiness, and we work hard to surpass those expectations.


    As a company, we strive to help each associate identify where they are and tailor the system to bolster their weaknesses and take full advantage of their strengths.  We consider it important to carefully listen to our clients so we can adjust to their needs in order to be their “proactive trusted advisor.”

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