Here’s our weekly snapshot of key market data for the Week of Wednesday, April 30th to Tuesday, May 5th, shown as part of the trend since the beginning of March.

In both counties, we saw an uptick in new listings last week, and it’s encouraging to see this as a sign of more sellers adjusting to the “new abnormal.”  The number of closed sales went down slightly in both counties, which is not surprising as this is more indicative of the reduction in new listings at the beginning of our Shelter in Place period.

We said we would cover April numbers this week, but we’ll actually be doing this next week in order to make sure the data is complete.  This should be interesting as it will be our first full month after the Shelter in Place restrictions took effect, so STAY TUNED!

Until then, stay healthy, and let us know if you need help with anything.  Wishing you good health, joy, peace and friendship in abundance!