What’s it Like to Live in Aptos, CA?

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    By Allie Caulfield

    What’s it like to live in Aptos?

    Aptos seems to have it all when it comes to scenery. On one end you have beach and ocean, and on the other you have forest. Its location is also excellent, keeping you close to major cities and towns without you having to sacrifice a smaller beach town atmosphere. Aptos appeals to a wide variety of people on many different levels. It’s a city that offers several types of housing that is appropriate for individuals, couples, and families. Aptos is also good for those who like action and activities, but it caters to those who prefer to indulge in a slower pace as well. Families with children will appreciate a strong school system. The end result of Aptos’s wide appeal is a friendly, diverse community that is relaxed, happy, and loves nature in all its forms.


    What types of homes are in Aptos?

    You’ll find that the homes in Aptos are as varied as its population. Condos and single family residences both exist in abundance, and styles range from seaside cottages and mountain cabins to urban condos. There are even epic estates that tempt those looking for a higher level of custom luxury. One excellent aspect of Aptos is that there is no shortage of territorial views and lush greenery. Many of the properties capitalize on stunning landscapes and tranquil surroundings. While there might not appear to be a common thread connecting the style, it comes in the form of tranquility. Many of the homes have an open, airy feel that lets in the light and makes for a breezy lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a big yard, pool, chef’s kitchen, custom finishes, beach access, neighborhood feel, or some other real estate buzzword—Aptos probably has a property that fits the bill.

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    What’s unique about Aptos?

    We kind of liked the fact that Aptos has the World’s Shortest Parade, which takes place on the fourth of July, but there are other reasons the area is unique. The ability to hike through the forest or spend the day at the beach gives Aptos a wonderful mix of ways to get out into nature. Whether you choose to spend time in Nisene Marks State Park, a popular spot with hikers, or at Manresa State Beach and Seacliff State Beach—you will always have ways to be active.


    Where are the good schools in Aptos?

    Aptos has a strong public school system. Their marks place them above average in comparison to the nation. Aptos is also home to Cabrillo College, a community college with opportunities for technical, higher, and continuing education.


    forest of nisene marks
    By Davidlohr Bueso

    What are the best things to do in Aptos?

    Aptos is small, yet it still keeps residents busy with its attributes. It is also located close to Santa Cruz, San Jose, Monterey, and other wonderful California cities if you feel the need to venture. If you move to Aptos for the beach, you can make it a goal to explore and discover the best spots to walk, dig, and participate in water play. At Seacliff State Beach view the concrete boat. At Maresa State Beach surf, fish, or simply enjoy the sand and expansive sea views.

    If the weather is not cooperating, scour the area to find the charming small businesses and interesting attractions. There are places like the Aptos Cinemas, Aptos History Museum, restaurants, and boutiques. Chances are once you are deemed a local, you’ll be greeted by name every time you walk into your favorite establishments.

    To hike and spend a day in forested land, The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park is an amazing place for hikers, walkers, bicyclists, and joggers. The flora and wildlife viewing is abundant, and with camping options, you can make a weekend of it.  Maple Falls, which is at the end of the Bridge Creek Trail, is a favorite.


    Is Aptos right for me?

    Our team feels that Aptos is a location that appeals to a wide variety of people. There aren’t many reasons not to enjoy having beach, big city, and forest access while living in a small, friendly community. Since there are many types of residences, it is well-suited for individuals, couples, and families. The city promotes community involvement through events, including an incredible blues festival. Aptos is your quintessential California beach town that possesses some extra perks, not the least of which is an infusion of stunning greenery. It is, without question, a pretty great place to live.


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