What’s it Like to Live in Atherton, CA?

    Meet Perisson Real Estate.  We know that when you’re busy living your life, finding a new home can feel like an insurmountable task. There’s a lot to learn about a new city before you make it your own—that’s why we made these city guides. Hopefully, we’ll answer all your questions about the area, and help you figure out if Atherton is the city for you.

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    What’s it like to live in Atherton?

    Atherton manages to capture the feeling of a sleepy wooded town despite sitting a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the greater San Francisco metro. People know each other, and put effort in to developing and maintaining a greater sense of history and community—you need only look at the number of community groups that make their homes in the small area to see that.

    Atherton sits perfectly positioned for a ‘work in the city, relax in the suburbs’ lifestyle. Whether you prefer staying close to home and enjoying private clubs, performing arts, and horseback riding, or prefer frequent trips into the city for a night on the town, Atherton can be your perfect home.


    What types of homes are in Atherton?

    If you have a favorite architecture, you can likely find it in Atherton, but the real joy of the city lay in its many historic homes. Atherton remains one of the few places in the United States where you can find recognizable Eichler Home neighborhoods, as impressive and innovative as they were when the famous real estate developer first had them built—there’s a reason Apple founder Steve Jobs once credited growing up in an Eichler home as playing a role in his simple, modernist aesthetics.

    Whether you’re looking to live in a bit of architectural living history or something more modern, however, you’ll be living in high quality. Homes in Atherton are private, spacious, and beautiful. If you’re looking for peace and quiet after a hard day of work or play, a home in Atherton will give you what you seek.

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    What’s unique about Atherton?

    Atherton has been home to many noteworthy individuals, and these people have left their mark on the city. Extravagant mansions and estates dot the landscape, impressive recreational and performing arts centers left by the rich history of the area. The original founders of the town intended for Atherton to be a town devoid of businesses, divvied up into large parcels to serve as country homes for the exclusive wealthy families of San Francisco.

    While Atherton has since diversified, those early intentions have created a unique environment, separate from the hustle of the major tech industry cities right next door. The city’s land use goal, “To preserve the Town’s character as a scenic, rural, thickly wooded residential area with abundant open space,” reflects this character well.


    Where are the good schools in Atherton?

    In Atherton, schools come in two levels of quality: Amazing and exceptional. Whether you’re interested in placing your children in one of the Menlo Park district’s amazing public schools or one of the exceptional private schools in the area, you can be certain that they’ll be receiving some of the best educations available in the United States. Here are just a few of the exceptional facilities available for Atherton students:

    Public Schools:

    Private Schools:

    Schools in Atherton sit well above the national and state averages in college preparedness and general academic excellence–any child learning at a school in the town will have a bright academic future ahead of them.


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    What are the best things to do in Atherton?

    Though there are many activities hidden around Atherton, the core of the town’s recreational activities lay in the Holbrook-Palmer Park. The 22-acre municipally-owned recreation site features a complete set of indoor and outdoor facilities, including a ball field, a playground, gardens, tennis courts, and walking paths. The park also houses several structures available for rent, such as the classically designed 700-foot Main House, the century-old Carriage House, and the Jennings Pavilion. Holbrook-Palmer Park also hosts a number of regular recreational classes and sports programs.


    Is Atherton right for me?

    Does a safe, quiet town with a strong sense of communal identity, exceptional schools, amazing and historic architecture, and access to all the amenities of a major tech center just a few miles away appeal to you? Then Atherton may be your perfect fit. Very, very few places can offer you such a unique blend of character and convenience.


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