What’s it Like to Live in Baywood in San Mateo, CA?

    Meet Perisson Real Estate.  A house hunt is nothing if not complex when you’re looking for property in exclusive counties like San Mateo and neighborhoods around the San Francisco Bay Area. But not to worry! We’ve created some helpful guides of the region’s best neighborhoods to help you find exactly where you need to be. Want to be near the Bay? We’ll show you where to live. Want an easy commute? We’ll show you the best spot. We’ll answer all your moving and relocation questions.

    By Kevin Cole
    By Kevin Cole

    What’s it like to live in Baywood?

    On its exclusive streets, the real estate in Baywood in San Mateo is a classic picture of northern California. Towering pines share the road with gorgeous palm trees, under which sit classic Spanish-style houses, fabulous bungalows, and colonel facades that looked plucked from the streets of Boston. Even if you don’t live in Baywood, driving down its quiet sidewalk-lined streets is fun because of all the variety in the homes. You won’t find homes without flair and personality in Baywood. Each home has a story to tell and its own architectural inspiration.

    Upscale and quiet, Baywood and its sister neighborhood Aragon (just to the southeast) offer the peace and inspiration, which are perfect for a sunny Sunday stroll. However, you’re also just a short walk away from shops and restaurants that sit on roads just to the northeast of Baywood.


    What types of homes are in Baywood?

    Although the homes in Baywood aren’t the largest in town, they come quite close and are perfect if you’re looking to move up from your starter home into something more spacious. Most homes boast more than 2,000 square feet, but I’ve shown a few in the 4,000 range. In addition to typical California styles like Spanish, you’ll also see a scattering of Tudor homes and some gorgeous Colonials that’ll make you think you need to keep a lookout for the Redcoats and Paul Revere.

    Like many established neighborhoods around San Mateo, you’ll notice that many properties have seen the renovator’s hammer with modern updates and major refurbishments. A few homes built before the Second World War remain, but most homes were built in the 1950s and beyond. No matter a home’s age, however, you’ll notice that all the houses along Baywood’s streets look pristine and well-kept, as is the habit of residents.

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    What’s unique about Baywood?

    Snagging a home in Baywood almost feels like a feat of strength since houses tend to come up for sale so rarely, but I think that’s part of what makes the neighborhood special. If you get the opportunity to buy a home here, you’ll be looking at a “forever” home where you can raise the kids or find lifelong friends.

    Imagine clipping a few roses from the garden along the side of your home and waving to a neighbor you’ve known for 20 years. Think of the friendly community feel of knowing each of your neighbors and celebrating your life’s milestones and high points with your best friends.

    Baywood also features a colorful history that stretches back over a century and a half. According to the community’s owner association, the neighborhood used to be a ranch in the 1860s. Incredibly, the 377 acre estate cost just $30,000 when it was purchased! The owner of that estate, John Parrott, dubbed the estate “Baywood” after an enormous copse of bay trees on the property.


    Where are the good schools in Baywood?

    One of the premiere features of Baywood is the school system. Parents often want to live in Baywood not for its fabulous real estate, but for the quality of its schools. For example, Baywood Elementary is a California Distinguished School.

    After receiving one of the best grammar school experiences in the state, teens have the opportunity to look close to their front doorstep for school or travel anywhere in the country for a top notch education. Not surprisingly, you might wish your graduate to look at Stanford, but that’s just one of the region’s amazing colleges.


    By Daderot
    By Daderot

    What are the best things to do in Baywood?

    San Mateo is one of the biggest suburbs of San Francisco, so it’s possible to stay within the city’s borders to find entertainment and leisure pursuits, but I’ve reached San Francisco in less than a half hour, and San Jose is also about the same distance from Baywood.

    If I had to pick just a few things to do near Baywood, I’d probably suggest visiting the absolutely gorgeous Japanese Tea Garden first. The man who designed the Imperial Palace of Tokyo also had a hand in designing this garden, which is one of the oldest such gardens in the country.

    If you’re looking for an active pursuit, since the Japanese Garden is rather peaceful and sedate, I’d suggest heading to Coyote Point Recreation Area. It’s a terrific spot for the kids, but you can also make a couples day out of it and sit on the beach while the light breeze of the Bay keeps you cool.


    Is Baywood right for me?

    A Baywood home isn’t a stepping stone: it’s a destination where you can spend the rest of your life in a friendly and established community while getting to experience the enviable Bay Area lifestyle. Elegant yet charming, walking around Baywood feels like a dream with its gently curved streets and carefully tended homes. I’m certain you’ll adore the lifestyle in Baywood whether you’re looking for a place to raise children or an extraordinary community to call home.


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