What’s it Like to Live in Campbell in San Jose, CA?

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    By EricGOlson
    By EricGOlson

    What’s it like to live in Campbell?

    Campbell is a community that takes pride in its roots – sometimes literally, such as the famous redwood tree planted by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. More than just an interesting bit of town trivia, this tree still shows that Campbell’s residents really takes pride in their past, present and future.

    The town bears the nickname “The Orchard City” as a tribute to agriculture. Older buildings are often repurposed rather than demolished like some growing communities would do. For instance, the old high school is now a community center, and the town’s first bank is now a popular wine bar/restaurant. But rather than just another town that hangs onto its dry past, the residents and leadership of Campbell try to focus on the future.


    What types of homes are in Campbell?

    Most are single-family units in the two- to four-bedroom range, generally 1,000-2,000 square feet, but there are also condo complexes and apartments. The bulk of homes are mid-20th century, built during the post-World War II housing boom. There are also larger five- to six-bedroom homes up to 6,000 square feet, which means there’s something for all sizes of families and income levels.

    The type of housing available depends on the neighborhood – downtown has older, classier homes, and the southwestern area, called San Tomas, has many styles with a little more character and uniqueness vs. modern tract homes.

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    What’s unique about Campbell?

    We’ve heard the phrase “a river runs through it”, and in Campbell, Los Gatos Creek goes through the whole town, creating a special experience and a central location for the whole community to enjoy. It’s easy to take a leisurely stroll here or maybe a longer jog, skate or walk with a pet. The creek also is home to fish, birds, and other wildlife. You’re not supposed to fish here, but anglers are permitted to cast a line in the nearby percolation ponds, provided they have a proper license. This waterway is a bit of a social hub and really makes the community special.


    Where are the good schools in Campbell?

    Students at the K-8 level attend schools in the Campbell Union Elementary School District. High school students are part of the Campbell Union High School District. Westmont High School has received state and national honors and is one of the few remaining Future Farmers of America school clubs in the Bay Area.


    By Coolcaesar
    By Coolcaesar

    What are the best things to do in Campbell?

    We think Campbell is a place where you can do just about anything, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities. There are about 15 public parks, many with basketball courts and baseball fields. There’s a Community Center, with plenty of programs for all ages, from youth to seniors. There are fun, funky stores downtown, including boutiques and unique antique and thrift shops. There’s also a series of free summer concerts that make the area more appealing and welcoming. All in all, there’s something for every lifestyle and interest.


    Where are the best places to shop around Campbell?

    Besides the eclectic assortment of retailers and service providers downtown, another popular retail attraction is Fry’s Electronics, a super-sized store which sells hardware, software and electronics (it’s a geeky culture here, remember?). The chain now has 34 locations but started in nearby Sunnydale.

    Fry’s has become more than another electronics store – many official and unofficial guides to Campbell say the location has become the techie version of the Los Gatos Creek – a community gathering place and social hub.


    Is Campbell right for me?

    The Orchard City is ripe with opportunity, pun very much intended. With the historical markers, public art, and a general sense of welcome, there’s something for everyone. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, a fun downtown, and a good vibe.


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