What’s it Like to Live in Coyote Creek in San Jose, CA?

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    By Cromagnom
    By Cromagnom

    What’s it like to live in Coyote Creek?

    Coyote Creek is a peaceful and beautiful town that exudes elegance without losing touch with nature. The picturesque landscape combined with Coyote Creek’s prime location makes it a highly desired neighborhood. You’ll feel safe and relaxed here in Coyote Creek and since the region is heavily wooded your privacy will never feel compromised.

    Residents enjoy an active lifestyle in Coyote Creek and tend to enjoy outdoor activities whether it be boating, camping, fishing or hiking. Neighbors are friendly yet courteous and can often be found lending a helping hand or partaking in a round of golf together.


    What types of homes are in Coyote Creek?

    There’s a wide selection of real estate in Coyote Creek ranging from two bedroom condos to spacious and luxurious homes with scenic views of the river and its surrounding landscape. You’ll find newly constructed homes, built with comfort in mind, and modern amenities to match your lifestyle. Clubhouses, private pools, and tennis courts are the norm here in Coyote Creek and residents are accustomed to the area’s high class atmosphere. The homes in Coyote Creek offer residents spacious backyards, over-sized decks and breathtaking views overlooking the river.

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    What’s unique about Coyote Creek?

    Coyote Creek lies just outside the heart of Silicon Valley, which is one of the most popular destinations for business travelers and tourists. The seclusion of Coyote Creek allows businessmen to escape San Jose’s busy atmosphere without sacrificing the convenience of living close to the city’s center. Residents can expect to gain a high level of privacy when living here thanks to the densely wooded landscape. What helps to set the area apart is its long stretching river that’s perfect for kayaking, canoeing and fishing. The area has a unique terrain that features everything from staggered cliffs to quaint covered bridges


    Where are the good schools in Coyote Creek?

    There’s an array of well known schools located near Coyote Creek where students can expect to receive an exceptional education. The area’s schools reflect the innovative mindset of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious entrepreneurs and businessmen.


    By Justin Johnsen
    By Justin Johnsen

    What are the best things to do in Coyote Creek?

    If you’re an avid fan of nature and the outdoors, Coyote Creek will surpass your highest expectations. The region is home to a complex trail system known as the Coyote Creek Trail that’s perfect for hiking, biking, and jogging. During the summer months you can cool off at one of California’s largest water parks known as Raging Waters that lies just outside Yosemite National Park. If golf is your sport, the Coyote Creek Golf Club will likely become your second home. The club offers golfers two challenging 18-hole courses, strategically situated on top of rolling hills and sweeping meadows.

    Once your finished exploring the outdoors, you can head to the heart of San Jose for a bite to eat at one of the area’s many world class restaurants like the Vyne Bistro, for a fine dining experience, or Mezcal if you’re craving authentic Mexican food. Families with small children should plan a visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum or Happy Hollow Park and Zoo for a fun-filled and educational day trip.


    Where are the best places to shop around Coyote Creek?

    Since Coyote Creek is close to downtown San Jose there’s never a shortage of shopping destinations for the avid shopper. For a unique experience, you’ll want to visit the San Jose Flea Market which is the largest open-air market in America. Vendors can be found selling a wide selection of items ranging anywhere from collectibles to gifts. If you’re searching for an outdoor shopping center, then the McCarthy Ranch Marketplace will be right up your alley. Here you’ll find a range of dependable, well-known retailers along with exclusive mom and pop boutiques and various dining choices.


    Is Coyote Creek right for me?

    If you’re searching for a secluded, high end neighborhood that offers you peace and tranquility then Coyote Creek is right for you. Coyote Creek is the perfect escape after a long work day since it feels light years away from San Jose’s bustling streets. You’ll feel right in tune with nature when living here and you’ll appreciate the communities high level of respect that it has for its residents.


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