What’s it Like to Live in Daly City, CA?

    Meet Perisson Real Estate.  We are dedicated to matching homes with complementary owners. Trust our real estate experts to assist you every step of the way. Love the Bay area lifestyle? It’s a fantastic place for fresh beginnings and modern living. Check out our guide to Daly City, written by a local agent in love with California, and just try to resist falling in love as well.

    By Wonderlane
    By Wonderlane

    What’s it like to live in Daly City?

    Daly City is all about comfort and dedication. It’s got a language all on its own, and the air is always pulsing with energy. What do I mean by that? Take a look around the city. Everyone is happy. They love traveling across town because they don’t have to deal with San Francisco traffic. The parks are close by and always beautiful. As a local agent, I know this city. I see the commitment to healthcare and innovation too. This place just oozes brainstorm potential.

    I’ve also witnessed the cultural diversity. There are no clashes between past and present cultures here. All your neighbors are proud of their heritage, and they can’t wait to show off some diverse traits. Daly City also gives you a home base for healthy living. Outdoor activities are just the ticket after an eventful week. Run around laughing, and throw your hands up into the air. No one will think you’re odd. Trust me. Chances are they’ll be doing the same thing.


    What types of homes are in Daly City?

    There are so many styles in this city. Each one is unique and beautiful. Did I mention modern too? From elaborate to quaint and cozy, homes here are geared towards the modern lifestyle. Forget outdated furnishings or ill-fitting backyards. These homes have an allure that taps into your brainwaves and refuses to let go.

    Each neighborhood is like a mini town. Westlake and Serramonte are West Coast dreaming, while St. Francis and Southern Hills keep the youngsters entertained. Put all the neighborhoods together, add a touch of sea air and a dash of foggy mist, heat with some California sunshine, and out pops Daly City.

    Check out some of the one and two-level homes ranging in style from early Craftsman to mid-century and modern designs. Detached houses make up the majority of these city-by-the-sea residences. Multiple bathrooms keep your family content, while the backyards offer fantastic ways to lounge beneath the open sky. Upgraded kitchens provide plenty of opportunity for healthy eating, so whip out those books and prepare to rival your neighbors in a recipe cook-off.

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    What’s unique about Daly City?

    Cultural diversity lets Daly City shine like a beacon of peace. I love the focus on community strength and unity. Annual events like the Asian American Cultural Festival, Youth Arts Festival and Women’s History Month show appreciation and respect for residents of all ages. It’s a breathtaking way to spend an afternoon. Cultural groups bring a vibrant heritage to the streets. The Nemenzo Polynesian Dance Group and Manuia Polynesian Revue enrich this city with unforgettable public performances.

    On the other hand, a passion for the pre-city ranching lifestyle lingers on at the Cow Palace. Catch the National Rodeo, Horse & Stock Show as it makes its annual debut. You’re guaranteed a good time. This is life in an up-to-date city that still enjoys time to relax and reminisce.


    Where are the good schools in Daly City?

    Life in Daly City wouldn’t be complete without great schools. Solid education is the key to success, and every day I see bumper stickers promoting all-star scholars. Daly City features several high-performance schools, so here are three to get you fueled for learning:

    Daly City has such close proximity to San Francisco and other Peninsula cities that the learning never stops. From hitting the age of freedom to starting fresh with your career, you can’t go wrong with this region. San Francisco State University, DeVry University, Skyline College and City College of San Francisco are all located within five miles of home. Add an extra mile or two, and the list only grows longer.


    By Gaelen
    By Gaelen

    What are the best things to do in Daly City?

    How about exercise to your heart’s content? Outdoor education is a fantastic way to stay healthy and active. Thornton Beach State Park and Mussel Rock Park let you shake off workplace anxiety with an ocean-facing jog. Over at the Westlake Park Community Center, there are tennis courts, baseball fields and other play areas to explore. Team-building behavior is incredibly easy. The Daly City Parks & Recreation Department offers many classes during weekday or weekend time slots. Check out the Giammona and Jefferson Pools for public swim events.

    Daly City is home to many shopping centers of unique taste. When you and your home crave a makeover, there is only one solution: time for shopping. Head over to the Serramonte or Westlake Shopping Centers for instant satisfaction. Shopping fanatics can’t get enough.


    Is Daly City right for me?

    If you love relaxation, beautiful surroundings, and a convenient workplace, then Daly City is your ideal match. Transportation into and out of the city is unsurpassed. Working from San Francisco? The Muni railway lines are efficient when you need them. Ocean views amidst the hills give you time to relax and catch up with friends. Housing options in a range of 20th and 21st century styles are ready to capture your memories. They provide one-of-a-kind living spaces and complement your modern tastes. Daly City gives you the lifestyle you crave. Pick up your phone, and contact us at Perisson Real Estate today.


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