What’s it Like to Live in Emerald Hills in Redwood City, CA?

    Meet Perisson Real Estate.  In today’s busy, competitive world, you need a dependable, steady real estate company, especially if you’re seeking a special spot of your own in Northern California. At Perisson Real Estate, we consider ourselves part of the community and want to go out of our way to make sure you feel welcome. We hope this handy guide to Emerald Hills will help you feel comfortable getting to know these beautiful surroundings and discovering your future home.

    Emerald Hills CA Real Estate

    What’s it like to live in Emerald Hills?

    There’s a lot we love about California, and if we’re honest, there are some things we’re not all that fond of either. Here in Emerald Hills, just about everyone is here especially for the beautiful surroundings and the privacy. It’s located nicely between San Francisco and San Jose, so you can still see the skylines of these communities. It’s also located by two beautiful lakes and Edgewood County Park and Nature Preserve. It’s a small, friendly community – some families have been here for generations, some are brand new, but all are made to feel welcome.


    What types of homes are in Emerald Hills?

    Home seekers can find several multilevel homes, ranging from 6,000 to 8,000 square feet or more. Since the view is usually part of the appeal, most homes also include plenty of windows and other features to maximize enjoyment of the natural vistas. The community also loves golf so many homes border a central course and the lake. Other homes also are intended to offer privacy – the Upper Lake area is all privately owned, which can offer a degree of exclusivity.

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    What’s unique about Emerald Hills?

    Though the name doesn’t affect the livability, many people find it interesting that there are several variations of the same words since the 1920s. Some call the area Emerald Hills, some call it Emerald Lake, some call it Emerald Lake Hills, and some call it Emerald Hills Lake. The two earliest subdivisions were Emerald Hills and Emerald Lake Hills, all centered around Emerald Lake. The U.S. Postal Service only required one two-word name, so it officially became Emerald Hills, at least on paper.

    Residents also are proud that they live by not just one but two vividly green lakes, which is such an unusual color especially for such a healthy lake.


    Where are the good schools in Emerald Hills?

    Most students in the Emerald Hills area are part of the Redwood City School District at the K-8 level, and the Sequoia Union School District for grades 9-12. Some schools have received regional and national acclaim, including North Star Academy, a California Distinguished School and a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School.

    The nearest higher education offering is Canada College, a community college in Redwood City. There is also access to Bay Area institutions like Stanford University and Menlo College, plus smaller schools like University of Dreams and Pacific Graduate School of Psychology.


    Things to Do Emerald Hills

    What are the best things to do in Emerald Hills?

    If you like golf, and meet the membership requirements of the Emerald Lake Country Club, then you can be part of the fun centered around the course and the lake. There’s swimming, fishing, boating and water recreation, plus outdoor social events like concerts.

    Even if golf isn’t your game, the region includes access to beautiful natural surroundings in Edgewood County Park and Nature Preserve. It’s a perfect place to walk, hike or ride. The area is also frequented by rock climbers, thanks to Handley Rock, a popular 50-foot sandstone formation.


    Where are the best places to shop around Emerald Hills?

    The boundaries of Emerald Hills include residential or golf course/country club land, so the bulk of local shopping is at the Emerald Hill Shopping Center, a 3,200-square-foot outdoor locale with a nail salon, fitness center, pizza restaurant, dry cleaners, coffee shop and drinking establishment. Residents wanting a larger retail experience head to the Stanford Shopping Center in nearby Palo Alto, an outdoor mall with fancy shops like Neiman-Marcus and Burberry. Redwood City also has independent retailers, including a bookstore, a woman’s boutique, and an outdoor apparel store.


    Is Emerald Hills right for me?

    We know that Emerald Hills has been a special area for decades. At one time, it was even considered one of Northern California’s top resorts until economic challenges in the early 20th century made some of these ventures end. But in true California spirit, the dream never went away. Today, about 4,000 residents can’t think of anywhere else they’d rather live and play, and you can be part of this as well. A 1993 decision to declare Edgewood Park an official natural preserve also means that further development and expansion is completely off the table. This means that as a resident, you can access everything, from hitting the trails in the morning for easy, scenic exercise, to relaxing in the evening while appreciating a beautiful sunset, and never have to worry about any big developments moving in or the population changing in a big way.


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