What’s it Like to Live in Hillsborough, CA?

    Meet Perisson Real Estate.  Finding the right house to raise your family in can be hard enough as it is – trying to find what place to even look in can simply be overwhelming. We have provided the following guide pages in order to help you get a better idea of the area you are interested in living in.

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    By Carol Norquist, Chairman

    What’s it like to live in Hillsborough?

    Hillsborough, CA is the perfect bedroom community for those who work in San Francisco, which is less than 20 miles away. San Francisco can be a little overwhelming if you’re not used to the city life, or if you simply prefer to raise a family in a more suburban, family-friendly space. Hillsborough has a relatively modest population, which means you can expect a real community atmosphere. If that wasn’t enough to convince you of taking a closer look at this beautiful town, then consider the fact that Hillsborough contains no commercial zoning, which means there are no businesses located within the city limits. The only non-residential property you’ll find in town include the schools, the government facilities, a single golf course, and a town park. While you’ll have to drive out of the city limits to run basic errands (not a difficult task considering there are several towns bordering Hillsborough), you can be comfortable knowing that this is truly a residential community.


    What types of homes are in Hillsborough?

    Hillsborough’s town zoning and subdivision ordinances require that homes be a minimum size of 2,500 square feet and located on lots in which the minimize size must be half an acre. This means that you won’t find any townhouses, condominiums or apartments within Hillsborough. There are plenty of single-family houses available that range from 3-bedroom and 3-bathrooms to more luxury-style homes consisting of up to 6 bedrooms and 6 baths. The styles vary from ranch-style homes to Spanish colonial-style homes and craftsman bungalow-style properties.

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    What’s unique about Hillsborough?

    Despite being a residential community that strongly focuses on the “residential” aspect, there are several beautiful landmarks that make Hillsborough more than just a suburb.

    • Western White House – This stunning property was built by William Randolph Hearst, who was responsible for the famous Hearst Castle. Not surprisingly, the Western White House has a lot in common with the Hearst Castle.
    • The Flintstone House – Built in 1976, this incredibly unique piece of architecture consists of balloon-shaped forms covered in sprayed concrete in a deep orange color that is reminiscent of San Francisco’s most famous landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.
    • Carolands – This 65,000 square foot residence is one of the largest in the country and belongs to the National Register of Historic Places. It was built by Harriet Pullman Carolan, who was an heiress to the Pullman railway.


    Where are the good schools in Hillsborough?

    While there are no universities located within the city limits of Hillsborough, there are a few colleges within a short drive outside of the city. Some of the universities located within 10 miles of Hillsborough include the College of San Mateo, the Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts and Avalon Academy.


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    By Don DeBold

    What are the best things to do in Hillsborough?

    Considering the fact that there are so few nonresidential properties around town, you might think that it could be difficult to keep busy. This is not the case. The city puts a strong emphasis on recreation, which means there are a ton of recreational activities that are offered for both children and adults.

    • Adult classes – Some of the adult classes available in Hillsborough include the Adult Tennis Program, Bridge, Friday Yoga, Gym Rat Boot Camp, Knitting, Mah Jong, Zumba and more.
    • Children classes – Your kids have lots of opportunities in terms of recreational classes and activities as well. Some of their options include Boys Flag Football, Girls Volleyball, Art classes, Beginning Bridge, Beginning Golf, Athletic Recovery Yoga, Cross Country, Basketball and more.

    You can also take your family over to Vista Park, which is a beautiful town park with a number of wonderful features to take advantage of, including a large jungle gym for the kids, a basketball court, a walking path, a soccer field, and a baseball field. This is the perfect place for a weekend afternoon picnic!

    If you’re looking for a little bit more to do other than enjoying the extensive parks and recreation within town, you’ll plenty of options in the surrounding areas. Be sure to check out some of the following things to do around Hillsborough:

    • CuriOdyssey – CuriOddyssey will provide your children with the perfect balance of education and fun. There are a number of incredibly interesting science exhibits, many of which are interactive, as well as several wildlife exhibits that boast animals native to California.
    • Maker Faire – The Maker Faire is one part county fair and one part science fair. It is a family-friendly event that has rapidly grown in popularity over the years, with over 195,000 people attending in 2013.
    • San Mateo Wine Walk – Taking place every year since 1996, the San Mateo Wine Walk is where wineries from all over Northern California come to team up with local merchants for a beautiful afternoon of walking and wine tasting.


    Is Hillsborough right for me?

    If you’re looking for a suburban community that’s within a short commute of San Francisco and that is suitable for raising your family, then you should seriously consider Hillsborough. A family-oriented community that consists of very few non-residential properties and that boasts an incredibly strong school system, Hillsborough is not surprisingly a very desirable place to live.


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