What’s it Like to Live in Mountain View, CA?

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    By Runner1928
    By Runner1928

    What’s it like to live in Mountain View?

    With a view of the Santa Cruz Mountains at its western horizon, Mountain View is an aptly named Bay Area city with close ties to the technological titans of today. Cozy tree-lined streets packed with gorgeous bungalows share a zip code with billion-dollar companies like Google, Mozilla, and Symantec.

    What was once a Spanish ranch in the 1840s would eventually grow to become one of the premiere location in North America for technology. However, the feel of the town hasn’t transformed into something from the future with the cold, gray steel that you might associate with computers, semiconductors, and machinery.

    Instead, Mountain View is nothing if not pedestrian-friendly, and if you work at one of the major technology firms, you’ll probably walk to work or get on a bike for a commute that takes just a few minutes.  During your swift commute, you’ll get to enjoy streets flooded with trees and flowers in a climate that’s gorgeous all year long.


    What types of homes are in Mountain View?

    Lush and thick foliage punctuated by the occasional towering palm tree often surround homes that vary wildly in style, size, and age. From single-story ranch houses that might make you think of a party thrown by Frank Sinatra in the 1950s to tall row houses that bring to mind a classic street in New York City, Mountain View is a raucous mixture of quirky style and upscale amenities.

    A building boom in the last generation brought significant construction of condos and townhouses; however, the town also features an extraordinary number of established neighborhoods and single-family homes. During a stroll down one of these neighborhoods you might see a community vegetable garden as evidence of the communal spirit that permeates the town.

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    What’s unique about Mountain View?

    Certainly, one of the unique aspects of Mountain View is the density of high-tech companies like Google, but I think what’s more special of the town is how residents have been able to sustain a friendly, sunny feel while living in the shadow of such huge corporations.

    Mountain View is a convergence of brainy, visionary geeks, Farmer’s Market addicts, and couples that love the Pacific Ocean as much as a weekend spent hiking. I think Mountain View feels like a suburb in many respects with so many quiet neighborhoods, but like most cities around the Bay, Mountain View has a bit of a cosmopolitan aura, too.


    Where are the good schools in Mountain View?

    In a city buoyed by the fortunes of major tech firms, it’s no surprise that kids in Mountain View have access to a technologically savvy education, but the district also places an emphasis on individual learning and accomplishment.

    A recent list of top high schools by “U.S. News & World Report” suggests that California has an overwhelming number of high-performing schools, which means dedicated students have their pick of Ivy League schools after graduation.


    By Stansult
    By Stansult

    What are the best things to do in Mountain View?

    Much of what people do in Mountain View relates to the spectacular scenery that surrounds the city on every side. Sure, the streets in town are lined with beautiful trees, and parks are abundant, but one of Mountain View’s best features is the location. Want to take a weekend stroll along the bay? Hit up Shoreline Park on a clear day for a gorgeous view. You’ll pass the infamous “Googleplex” on your way there.

    You’re closer to San Jose in Mountain View than you are to San Francisco, but both metropolises are a fairly short drive. Want world-class shopping? Get your fashion fix in San Francisco. Looking for a change of pace in an urban metropolis? San Jose is just around the bend. The entire region is peppered with cute towns, friendly people, and that unmistakable California glow.


    Is Mountain View right for me?

    There’s no doubt that Silicon Valley has influenced the real estate and the futures of many Mountain View residents, but you don’t need to be an executive at Microsoft to find yourself at home in this city. Whether your dream is a cozy bungalow, or you’re looking for a grand facade, there’s a home for you in Mountain View.


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