What’s it Like to Live in Portola Valley, CA?

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    Bay Area View
    By Ed Bierman

    What’s it like to live in Portola Valley?

    Wherever you go in Portola Valley you are greeted with idyllic views and scenic beauty. Color comes alive year-round, and the community is just as vibrant. For those searching to find a place that will create opportunities for people of all ages to engage and stay connected, then Portola Valley is an optimal choice. The city is not aiming for a fast-paced vibe, but rather a cadence that allows residents to enjoy life and each other. Portola Valley is innovative, and the heart of its community—the Town Center—is a representation of the city’s commitment to nature, its residents, and the city as a whole.


    What types of homes are in Portola Valley?

    Upwardly mobile individuals, couples, and families will find sprawling parcels with lovely, detailed homes spread throughout Portola Valley. The houses tend more towards clean, modern lines, although there is nothing simplistic about the custom interior finishes. You can also find estates with a Mediterranean flair. Many of the homes use windows to frame epic postcard views, and landscapes that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. Each home encapsulates the needs of its owners, and you’ll find rooms that add convenience and entertainment, in addition to those created for everyday living. Expect to find listing keywords like stone, exotic wood flooring, gourmet kitchen, pool, office/den, family room, playroom, wine cellar, and guest suite. The houses are as open and airy as Portola Valley itself, and they mirror the tranquility of the area.

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    What’s unique about Portola Valley?

    We feel that having a hub, or central community meeting space can make a city stronger. Portola Valley took that vision and expanded upon it. Their Town Center is truly unique—and it offers ways to join in activities and be a part of planning future endeavors for the city. The site opened in 2008, and the architectural masterpiece is one-of-a-kind. The programming is strong—from weekly library baby and toddler story-times to a Community Hall that offers a variety of adult and children’s classes. Portola Valley places a huge emphasis on sustainability, and on top of its Sustainability Committee, has a number of other committees and projects that residents can be a part of.


    Where are the good schools in Portola Valley?

    Like most things in Portola Valley, the schools are something the community has taken time to cultivate and support. The public educational offering is excellent, and there are top-notch private schools available as well. Portola Valley has made children a priority, and that sentiment is reflected in the school system.


    Ready To Ride
    By Peter Kaminski

    What are the best things to do in Portola Valley?

    Portola Valley is a city with ample ways to spend your free time, and encourages hobbies and education. Walkers, horseback riders, and hikers will delight in the Portola Valley Trails. Venture further and find more places to converse with nature. People come from all over the Bay Area to tour the Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve or hike the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve.

    Equestrian enthusiasts will love the city’s access to a beloved activity. Both lessons and riding trails are available. If you are looking for other types of cultural activities, Master Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra has been sharing classical music with Portola Valley for fifty years. Budding chefs will love the Portola Valley Farmers market which is open all year. The market brings residents the freshest local ingredients including produce, meats, cheeses, and other homemade delicacies. You can also find live music during the summer concert series.

    Although businesses don’t exist in abundance, the ones that are a part of the city are friendly and helpful. You’ll have a spot for morning coffee and pastries, an informal bite to eat, and a hardware store that greets you by name when you come in.


    Is Portola Valley right for me?

    When we look at Portola Valley we see a place that nurtures and protects nature and children. It’s a city with a well-developed and active community. It’s a retreat from the nearby cities and busier towns. If you are looking to be involved without running to get from point A to point B, and have a family you want to flourish in a quality place, and if you want a home that is fit for entertaining, spending time together, and providing comfort and convenience, then Portola Valley is probably perfect for you.


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