What’s it Like to Live in Redwood City, CA?

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    By EugeneZelenko
    By EugeneZelenko

    What’s it like to live in Redwood City?

    Outsiders assume that every day is the same in California, but residents of Redwood City might share a different story. Cool evenings and misty winter days punctuate summers filled with the sun and breezes of a historic Bay Area community. You can walk the streets of the vibrant concrete jungle of downtown or stroll through the sublime suburbia of the cozy neighborhoods that line the city’s borders.

    Pastoral golf courses and country clubs sit along the southern side of the city while innovative technology companies like Oracle and Electronic Arts sit along the bay side of town. Sandwiched between these two extremes, residents of Redwood City live life a stone’s throw away from neighborhoods perched on hillsides and gorgeous forested views. Families cultivate an outdoorsy approach to life that makes it impossible to stay indoors for too long.


    What types of homes are in Redwood City?

    One of the exciting parts of showing homes around Redwood City is that it’s never the same experience twice. Redwood City’s real estate has been a century-long buildup of small communities and neighborhoods, and I’ve shown homes as varied as those behind the gates of a master-planned community to modern condos with a view of the city’s lush treetops.

    Redwood City’s neighborhoods offer the type of diversity usually seen in much larger cities. The extreme southwest side of town is home to multimillion-dollar mansions in the Woodside area, while luxury condos have started appearing in the northeast near the water. If work or pleasure brings you to Redwood City, I’m certain there’s a neighborhood within the city’s borders that would suit your lifestyle.

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    What’s unique about Redwood City?

    The perception of California from an outsider’s point of view is that everything in the state is new, modern, and of this century. Buildings constructed just a few decades ago seem destined to be replaced with “McMansions” and strip malls. However, Redwood City is a little different, and the town features a colorful past that combines the spirit of the “Wild West” with the drive for technological innovation as influenced by nearby Silicon Valley.


    Where are the good schools in Redwood City?

    The schools of Redwood City and the surrounding communities have several highly regarded elementary schools, and the region is known for its commitment to education and classrooms infused with modern technology and computers. Some of the best schools in the district include:

    As is not unexpected, the stellar universities along California’s Bay Area coasts pair incredibly well with the technology and innovation of the region. Students may choose to attend a school like the University of California, San Francisco, which features a respected health-sciences program, or the branch of the Wharton School of Business, which opened in San Francisco in 2001.


    By BrokenSphere
    By BrokenSphere

    What are the best things to do in Redwood City?

    One of the benefits of living in Redwood City is that it’s equidistant between a lively downtown area and the peace and quiet of national forests filled with redwoods. The City Council recently adopted an improvement plan for the downtown community, which will further enhance its charming exterior and the walkable nature of the zone. The city labels the plan as “beautiful” and “unique.”

    The motto of Redwood City is “Climate Best by Government Test,” which refers to a climate study conducted before World War I that labeled the area as having one of the best climates in the world. Due to the area’s pristine weather and gentle seasonal changes, residents nurture a deep love of the outdoors. Ecological reserves, state forests, regional parks, and all sorts of hiking, biking, and walking venues surround Redwood City and the communities that line San Francisco Bay.


    Is Redwood City right for me?

    Redwood City is the perfect mix of a flourishing metropolis and a welcoming small town. In a single weekend, it’s possible to experience the live music and events of Downtown on a Saturday with a refreshing Sunday afternoon spent hiking the trails around Crystal Springs Reservoir.

    Employment at some of the world’s most advanced companies creates amazing opportunities for work, while the welcoming suburban neighborhoods that dot Redwood City feature a friendly and healthy environment in which to raise children. If you’re looking for the best of what the Bay Area has to offer, you’ll want to come see some properties in Redwood City.


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