What’s it Like to Live in San Bruno, CA?

    Meet Perisson Real Estate.  We know buying a new house is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make, and we want to answer all of your questions, not only about the homes but about the community. That’s why we’ve prepared these guide pages, so you’ll have a better understanding of the area and can see if it’s a good fit for you.

    San Bruno CA Real Estate

    What’s it like to live in San Bruno?

    You’ll often hear residents refer to San Bruno as the city with “heart,” and that’s so accurate. Besides an active recreation program for the entire family, the city offers both a service recognition program, honoring community role models, and a personal tribute program, remembering those close to residents. The city takes care of its’ residents, both by honoring them, and by offering numerous employment opportunities. You’ll find actual city jobs and well-known national businesses in San Bruno. This is a place where you feel right at home and everyone takes care of their own.


    What types of homes are in San Bruno?

    You can’t really the describe the San Bruno Real Estate with one kind of dwelling since San Bruno consists of a variety of homes from condominiums near Peninsula Place and Shelter Creek to custom homes near Rollingswood and Huntington Park. Both of the condominiums feature spacious units and first-class onsite amenities like a community clubhouse, swimming pool, and tennis courts.

    Other neighborhoods like Rollingswood and Huntington Park offer modern, custom homes. Many are Craftsman or Ranch-style homes, located near the Ridge Trail or the San Bruno City Park.

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    What’s unique about San Bruno?

    San Bruno houses the Golden Gate Cemetery, where several well-known veterans are buried, including Private First Class Stuart S. Stryker from World War II and Naval Officer Adm. Chester W. Nimitz. You’ll find homage to the veterans throughout the city from the history of the popular Tanforan Shopping Center was once an internment camp, and many of those soldiers are buried in the cemetery.


    Where are the good schools in San Bruno?

    I’ve found the teachers to be very dedicated and helpful through the San Bruno Park School District, South San Francisco Unified School District, and Capuchino High School. Capuchino High School is the only high school to feature regional occupational courses like computer system design and networking for free. We can’t list all of the schools but here are the best ones:

    Locally, Skyline College offers many technical degree options, such as networking, business classes, or a massage therapy degree.


    San Bruno Things to Do

    What are the best things to do in San Bruno?

    I’ll start by saying that since San Bruno is located within the Santa Cruz range, you’ll find so many outdoor activities, including hiking the trails throughout San Bruno Mountain State Park. At its highest peak, the summit reaches over 1,300 feet and offers gorgeous views of the Bay area. While hiking, I’ve spotted so many types of birds and butteries as well. In addition, if you’re a history buff like me, you can also see the remains of an old Nike Missile early radar site used to detect enemy craft approaching.

    San Bruno features more than a dozen city parks, including Commodore Park, where you can challenge friends to a friendly game of baseball, have a picnic, or play Frisbee with your dog in the dog exercise area. We also take advantage of the seasonal outdoor pool at the San Bruno City Park, as well as join some softball leagues and challenge our neighbors.

    San Bruno also features an eclectic dining experience. For casual dinners, I’d recommend visiting Toto’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, which has been serving Neapolitan-style pizzas for over 40 years. My favorite is the specialty pizza with salami, sausage, and mushrooms.

    For truly romantic experience, we like to indulge at Cleo’s Brazilian Steakhouse, where we savor freshly prepared boneless leg of lamb, chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, and a multitude of side dishes, including cinnamon-spiced pineapple. This dinner isn’t complete without sharing a delectable dessert like moist chocolate cake filled with pudding or passion fruit mousse.


    Is San Bruno right for me?

    If you want to live in a community where you feel like you’re at home from the moment you arrive, then San Bruno is for you. From community recognition to outdoor recreation, you’ll feel welcome here. Besides being community oriented, San Bruno also houses some of the top employers like the main YouTube office, so if you’re in networking or marketing you could form some good connections.

    If you like what you’ve read so far about San Bruno, I’d recommend contacting one of our real estate agents. That way we can work together to find you the house of your dreams.


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