What’s it Like to Live in Willow Glen in San Jose, CA?

    Meet Perisson Real Estate.  When moving to a new city, the neighborhood that you pick is one of the most important decisions that you will make. This is why I have created this helpful neighborhood guide. Here, you will find everything that you need to know to help you choose the perfect region to suit your lifestyle.

    By Peterpj77
    By Peterpj77

    What’s it like to live in Willow Glen?

    What I love about Willow Glen is that it truly feels like a smaller, vibrant community tucked away inside the 10th largest city in the country. Once an incorporated town, Willow Glen is a walkable community with its own downtown that places tons of great shopping and dining establishments right at your fingertips. Plus, with downtown San Jose just three miles away, you can enjoy all of the amenities of the big city in moments.

    Willow Glen offers plenty to love. The tree-lined streets and plentiful open green space provide tons of character and places for the community to come together. Full of small town charm, this neighborhood is a family-friendly community that encourages people to really put down roots and make it home.


    What types of homes are in Willow Glen?

    The homes in Willow Glen echo the charm of the neighborhood. Primarily, you will find single family homes, many of which were built in the 1920s and 1930s. Reflecting the architecture of that era, Willow Glen homes frequently boast Spanish or Victorian aesthetics. Inside of the homes in our region, you will find interiors characterized by wide open spaces. With an ode toward the family-friendly focus of the neighborhood, these homes have plenty of room to eat, work, and play.

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    What’s unique about Willow Glen?

    With a warm and welcoming community vibe, I think that there are several things that are unique about our beautiful neighborhood. One thing that I truly love about the community is the series of annual events that have become an important part of our regional identity.

    One of our local favorites is the annual Dancin’ on the Avenue festival. During this lively evening, local dance groups and residents come together for a memorable night full of good friends and good music. Another community tradition is the Founder’s Day event. Held each September, this festival is a great opportunity to really celebrate our community’s heritage. We also really know how to celebrate the holidays in Willow Glen. On Halloween, we have gained a well-earned reputation as the go-to neighborhood for trick or treating in the city. Then, during the winter months, all of the neighbors go all out for a time-honored Willow Glen tradition of lighting up miniature holiday trees along the city sidewalks.


    Where are the good schools in Willow Glen?

    The quality of our education is very important to us. Some of the great academic options that you will find in the neighborhood include:

    With amazing universities also located nearby, Willow Glen schools can take you from preschool through your advanced degrees. Located at the northern edge of Willow Glen, San Jose City College is a great two-year college to help you kick start your degree. Other great regional universities include San Jose State University and Santa Clara University.


    By John Pozniak
    By John Pozniak

    What are the best things to do in Willow Glen?

    To get to the heart of our neighborhood, you have to head to our own little downtown on Lincoln Avenue. Here, you will find some of my favorite cafes and restaurants in the city. For a great start to any morning, enjoy a local breakfast favorite at Bill’s Cafe or, to taste some of the bounty of our region, try the amazing seafood at Blue Water Seafood and Crab. If you are looking to grab a brew at a true neighborhood establishment, check out the Goosetown Cocktail Lounge. Although each restaurant exhibits its own unique character, what they all have in common is the top-notch service that characterizes our warm community.


    Where are the best places to shop around Willow Glen?

    Our walkable neighborhood is brimming with notable shops. Along Lincoln Avenue you will find amazing apparel for the whole family, such as Bella James and Kool Kids Couture. If you are looking for something to make the interior decor of your new home pop, I suggest that you head to one of the local antique shops, such as Park Place Vintage. For a great local market, check out Zanotto’s Willow Glen Market or get your produce straight from the source at the Willow Glen Farmer’s Market.


    Is Willow Glen right for me?

    Imagine riding your bike down tree-covered lanes on your way to grab a cup of coffee at a local cafe before hopping on a train and heading to the amenities of a bustling urban area. With Willow Glen’s unique location, I believe that you truly can have it all. If you crave the simplicity and charm of a small town then yes, Willow Glen is for you. If you want all of the amenities of a big city, then Willow Glen is still for you! Combining a small town feel in the middle of an urban environment, Willow Glen offers a truly unique community that makes new residents feel immediately at home.


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