What’s it Like to Live in Woodside, CA?

    Meet Perisson Real Estate.  Choosing a home, and the city it resides in, is one of the most challenging decisions you can face during the home buying process. To alleviate this situation our team has created these guides to allow you to virtually walk through an area and see if it might be the right fit for your family and lifestyle.

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    By Ray Bouknight

    What’s it like to live in Woodside?

    Although Woodside homes reflect a certain affluence and luxury, the town itself feels modest, and the inhabitants honor the preservation of natural beauty that exists in abundance. The community is infused with art, culture, outdoor recreation, and simplistic fun. While we might assume the population could afford weekly spa visits in the city, you’re more likely to find them utilizing the network of horse trails or visiting one of the local haunts. Woodside is best suited to those who enjoy the close proximity to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley without having to sacrifice the breathtaking land that makes the city a Californian gem.


    What types of homes are in Woodside?

    We can think of several accurate words that describe the homes and properties in Woodside—sprawling, spacious, estate, farm, elegant. While the exteriors vary, there is a subtle thread that ties these homes together, and that is the custom work and well-thought-out details. Many of the homes have large parcels, and the houses themselves are wonderful for families, or individuals and couples who like to entertain and host guests. Residences often contain formal spaces, as well as rooms for everyday use and entertainment. The outdoor spaces may include pools, equestrian facilities, impeccable landscaping, or water features.

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    What’s unique about Woodside?

    Woodside is unique for several reasons. It is an area that possesses a number of open space preserves. It also encourages cycling and horseback riding, which are two of the city’s most popular activities. The network of horse trails allows residents to roam freely on their four-legged friends. If there is still any doubt that they have equestrian enthusiasm, the downtown hub (which has stayed small on purpose) also boasts a tack store. The other establishments that reside in town are a handful of restaurants, a post office, and a couple odds and ends. Woodside has stayed small, but they do intimate very well.


    Where are the good schools in Woodside?

    Parents who are concerned with education in Woodside will find little to complain about. One model that has worked well for the early to middle education years is the K-8 school structure. It has kept the educational ratings high for the area. If the preference is a private education, then nearby Palo Alto offers some good options. Otherwise, our public school system in Woodside is excellent. One standout feature is the performing arts program at the high school.


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    By Don DeBold

    What are the best things to do in Woodside?

    p>We found that you don’t have to venture far to engage in some great activities. You can get in touch with nature, eat an excellent meal, and engage in cultural activities. Here’s how:

    Wunderlich County Park – If you thrive in a bustling atmosphere, then head to the city. However, one of the gifts of living in Woodside is a having a wide variety trails and hikes nearby. Wunderlich County Park is great for walking, but it’s also spectacular for photos. Since it can get busy on the weekends, residents are lucky to have it as a local walking spot on weekdays. It’s also a good choice for horseback riders and families since there are other activities available.

    The Village Pub – Having a well-known restaurant in the neighborhood has its perks. The Village Pub has made a name for itself as one of the best restaurants in the Bay Area, and is known nationally. They source as much food as they can locally, including 80% of their produce from a local farm. The Village Pub has fashioned an innovative menu that tantalizes even the toughest critic. Residents find it an easy spot to go for pub fare, lunch, brunch, and dinner. The wine list is stellar, and the service divine.

    Filoli –The historic Filoli estate provides several cultural activities in one location. They offer art, music, gardening, and education for all ages. In addition, you can take an afternoon tea, or simply enjoy the epic scenery and history.


    Is Woodside right for me?

    We understand that Woodside isn’t for everyone, but those who find it the perfect fit will feel as if they’ve achieved their little slice of heaven. It is a strong community with a hint of rustic, and a upscale countryside vibe. If you have a passion for wide open spaces, stunning forests, good food and people, alluring properties, horses, and a town that prefers a quieter way of life—then yes, Woodside is for you.


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