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    Jean helped me purchase my first house during a hot sellers market and I couldn’t be more thankful. She assisted me throughout the process to ensure that things would be going smoothly and even while there were some bumps in the road was always there to help. She volunteers to help others whenever possible and I think that is indeed going above and beyond.
    Connie Luo

    We had a very positive experience of selling and then buying our home with Jean Joh. She is completely professional, competent, trustworthy and thorough, combining an absolute integrity with a very caring manner. We felt we had the help of a trusted guide and advocate throughout our real estate transactions, and we will definitely continue to use her in the future. In other words, we consider Jean flawless. When we started our process back in 2013, we interviewed 2 other well-established realtors in our area. And then a friend who had recently worked with Jean referred her to us in glowing terms, so we included her as our third interview. We felt that the other agents were only interested in a quick sale of our house, but it was very clear that Jean was the only one who cared about making it a positive experience for us, and, afterwards, cared about helping us find a new home in a difficult seller’s market. We felt that she was planning to be with us for the entire process. We felt very comfortable from the start, because Jean was very astute about what needed to be done, and what didn’t need to be done, in preparing the house for market. We sat down together and drafted an agreed-upon time frame for completing the prep work. It was a great weight off our minds knowing that there was a plan and a schedule, that Jean was doing everything she needed to do, and that she can call on a reliable team of handyman, inspector, stager, etc. to help us stay on schedule. She was responsive to our needs and questions. We never had to second guess what she was doing. With her market knowledge, Jean helped us determine a realistic and attractive listing price. She didn’t try to sell us the moon. We worked together on a marketing flyer that we were very pleased with. After receiving multiple offers, Jean’s experience helped us to come up with a reasonable counter-offer, and we ended up selling at a much better price than we expected. It’s been 3 years now, and Jean is still the only realtor that we would recommend to others. We truly think that you would be in good hands with her.

    My experience in working with Jean on the sell and buy side of transactions has far exceeded my expectations in every regard. 1. We’ve had a relationship with Jean for over 6 years prior to ever buying or selling a property. Jean is truly interested in what is right for the client — whether or not they are ready to buy/sell immediately or several years down the road. The amount of work and dedication that Jean has put into our best interests far exceeds just what it took to sell our current home and buy our future dream home. I truly appreciate the time and effort she put into this 6 year road map to getting us into the house we have dreamed of owning. 2. Jean is uber organized. She is not only on top of the things she needs to do as a realtor — she is on top of everything that all parties need to do as far as the transaction goes. She has put together multiple timelines for us and she knows what each party needs to get done — this includes the other real estate agents, our loan contact, inspectors. You name it, she is on top of it. It really relieves the client of all the stress and worry. 3. Jean is a great negotiator and a trusted advisor. When it came time to negotiate both the buy and sell side of our transaction, Jean treated us like family — she fought for us as if her finances were at stake. She provided us with good advice throughout the process and ultimately we were successful in getting the house we wanted at a reasonable price in a seller’s market. 4. Jean is a great communicator. I never had to ask what the status was of either of our buy/sell transactions. Jean was always informing us of the status of items in a timely manner. Even though I know she had other transactions ongoing, she made us feel like her most important and only client. 5. Marketing genius — Jean took care of staging, marketing brochures, 3D home modeling, and everything in between. Check out her 3D floor plan viewing services — it’s like being at the home without having to drive there. This was one of the ways Jean gave us maximum exposure in a relatively short sell-side transaction period. 6. Complex transaction? No problem — Jean will have you covered. We had a complex buy and sell transaction. Jean let us know up front that we may have risks with the contingencies we needed to put in place — very important knowledge for any buyer. But she also made the process seem like a walk in the park. We got our offer accepted on our dream house, even with our contingency on the sale of our current house — not easy in this seller’s market. I’m not an easy reviewer — and being a former consultant, I expect a lot for any service provider that I hire. Jean has far exceeded my expectations and I wholeheartedly recommend her services for buy and/or sell side transactions.
    Ryan Y.

    If you are looking for a honest, ethical, and reliable agent to work with, Jean is absolutely the right person for you. Jean’s skilled strategies and professional work attitude have helped us to get the house in such competitive bay area house market, within the budget and at our ideal location. A lot of time she made us feel that she doesn’t sleep at all, then you know how hardworking she is. Jean is always very patience on explaining everything that we have concerns or inquiries with , and she walked the entire buying process with us which made us feel secured and safe from beginning to the end. Jean’s work doesn’t just stop there after we closed the escrow. She would often check in with us and see if we need any of her help or referrals to get the house work done before our move-in day. Thank you Jean !
    Lisa Liu

    Jean and our family go way back in 2009 when she helped us find our first home in the bay area. Because we had a wonderful experience with Jean, we decided to seek her expertise again when we made the decision to move from East bay to the Peninsula. She made selling of our house in the East bay stress-free. Jean was very organized, professional, and really helped us prepare our house for the sale. She also used 8z’s new 3D tour which is like google maps inside the house! I think this tool is awesome and very helpful especially for buyers who are not able to be physically present to check out a property. After sale of our house, she helped us find our next house and that actually started even prior to selling our house. It took us more than a year to find our new place but Jean remained positive and tirelessly continued to look for a place that meets our family’s needs and preferences. We are moving to our new place soon and our family is very grateful for all of Jean’s hard work, professionalism, and patience. Jean is not just our agent but we consider her a friend of our family.
    V. Pascual

    My wife and I purchased a home in 2013 and Jean made the process so easy and transparent for us. We tried a couple different agents before meeting Jean, but found all of them too pushy, too impersonal, or just didn’t fit what we were looking for. Jean was perfect because she was very intuitive and became exactly what we needed. My wife and I changed our minds, shifted around our goals and pretty much were probably a huge pain the ass to work with, but Jean was great through it all. She was like our personal realtor Terminator, but the like the liquid metal guy from Terminator II, played by Robert Patrick, morphing and shape shifting into a super ultra efficient home buying machine. The end result was that the whole home buying process turned out to be pretty fun, and we found a perfect place that we now call home. Jean made every step of the process, from searching and going to open houses, to drafting and negotiating offers, seem very approachable. I would highly recommend Jean if you are looking to buy or sell your home!
    Shuo Y.

    We met Jean at the Prudential kiosk in Tanforan. At that time, we were not in a hurry to find a home. We just moved from the East Coast but we wanted to see what’s out there in preparation to finding our home. Finding our home was a long process because of some personal circumstances but Jean remained very patient with us and I never felt pressured by her which I really appreciated because finding the right house was very important. Jean worked very hard (sending emails or even calling me past her working hours) to help us get the house we liked and she provided very smart advice when we were in the middle of negotiations. I can’t thank her enough for all her help and guidance….our family is currently enjoying our new home and there’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to something you know is yours. Thanks Jean….we miss you!
    John & Vivian

    We were so fortunate to have Jean represent us and our interests as our realtor. She gave great care and attention to every detail throughout the home-buying process, always keeping us abreast of our status. Jean’s positive personality helped eliminate much of the stress and anxiety of such a big commitment. In the end, we not only got a new house, but a new friend.
    Kristine and Tony

    Rarely is one fortunate enough to meet an individual like Jean. In the time I’ve known Jean, she has shown herself to be reliable, hard-working, and diligent. If a problem should arise, she is one who will try to find a solution rather than dwell on the situation. She is attentive to the needs of others and gives selflessly of her time. She has the brightest of dispositions, reassuring and composed, always with a ready smile, and words of encouragement. Above all, Jean is genuine.
    Brigette Sain

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