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    First time home buying could be disappointing when you like the house and make an offer when you are competing with multiple wealthy buyer around bay area. This is where your talented realtor jumps in. Thanks to Philip for guiding me through from first time home buyer to home owner. He has shown me tremendous amount of effort before and after offer accepting. During my process I have come across sites like “openlistings” which offers you some cash back. Trust me having realtor like Philip is totally different experience robotic websites can’t understand your emotion attach to house. There are many smart decisions your realtor have to make during the process. I would like to thanks Philip for everything.
    Farooq Ahmed

    I received great advice from Philip Feinn on whether to move from our family home that we’ve lived in for many years. We needed a place for my mother-in-law, but didn’t think our home could accommodate all of our privacy needs. Philip saw possibilities we had not seen. By simply re-configuring the interior, our home now gives my mother-in-law her privacy and we have maintained ours. Best of all, the changes did not take away the original character of our home.
    Charrissa L.

    We have owned a condominium in Redwood Shores for some time now. We considered whether to renovate so that it meets our needs for the next 5 years, after which we plan to sell and buy a single family house. We wanted our interior common areas of the condo (kitchen, dining room, family/living room) to relate better to one another, so that our unit felt more open. We had ideas but no clue as to costs. Not only did Philip provide us with an idea of costs, he presented it in the context of making sure that when it comes time to sell, we have not over spent to the point where we would not receive, at minimum, an equal return on our investment. For this and his problem solving abilities, we can’t thank him enough.
    Arturo and Jamie H.

    We knew Philip from our time living in the Bay Area. So when our work required us to move out of the area, we asked for his advice in purchasing our new home. Not only did he help us evaluate the real estate market in our new area, he made the trip to a few sites to see the properties first hand. His insights into the pros and cons of the real estate we considered really allowed us to make the best and most informed decision possible.
    Steve and Tina K.

    The property we liked sat on a 40 percent sloping grade. We loved the European feel to the house and land, but had a hard time envisioning how to develop the yard and get it to relate to the residence. With Philip’s background in construction, he was able to lay out a plan which tiered the yard in such a way the not only did we end up with a large patio off the kitchen/family room, we also ended up with three distinct yards which we fully use. It met our needs perfectly!
    Matteo C.

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