Why Buy with Perisson Real Estate

    Buy with Perisson Real Estate and let us make you a believer in the value provided by a great agent.

    We represent you, not our commission

    Perisson associates understand that helping buyers find their dream home is the start of a lifetime relationship and not a one-time transaction. We are in it for the long run as your real estate advisor. You might even hear from us again after closing.

    You’re not just buying a house, you’re buying a community

    As a buyer, you need a neighborhood expert who knows more than the information available on the Internet. Perisson associates add context to a listing by knowing the history of the market and the fabric of the community. The Internet is not going to tell you that the local high school kids use the side yard as a short cut every afternoon at 2:30.

    We earn what we get paid

    We will help you buy the right home, for the right reasons, at the right price. Mistakes in real estate are costly. Perisson associates take the time to help you find a home that meets your needs, desires and dreams, and is not a mistake. The right reason to buy a house is not so your agent can buy a new car.

     To those who are skeptical of our industry and its practitioners, we welcome the opportunity (and the challenge!) to make you a believer in real estate.

    We are Perisson.

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